A little more:

In 2017, I lost my job. I’ll tell you all the juicy details if you drop me a line but long story short: a new dude came in, answered my questions/emails, spoke over me at meetings and took credit for my work, so I pushed back - HARD! I lost my job. So…I started freelancing and hustled and built a dream and then created Checkmark Creative. In 2018, there was no need to live on the East Coast, in Washington, D.C., any longer. I packed my mementos and couldn’t-leave-behinds of the past 8 years and traded one coast for the other. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a crazy workout person, I’ve struggled with my weight over the years and I’ve most def judged myself against someone else solely on their more attractiveness than mine. But not here, not when I’ve got my music going and my heart pumping and my legs aching, not when I’m just outside.

I hope you enjoy this little magic spot of nature IRL as much as I do!

“I had left the East Coast and was living completely by myself, with no one in California. I fell in love with nature and found myself that year.”

Charlie H.