Our story:

Established in 2019, Lady Hikers is a site dedicated to bringing a little more outdoors into our busy lives. While we connect mostly with #LadyHikers, we welcome all those throughout the world who want to get outdoors together! Our audience cares about the environment, being a woman in the great outdoors and all the nuances that come with that. We are also fiercely critical of those who wish to profit off natural resources.

We highlight stuff and things we love, tips for safety, product roundups, local and national events and user-generated hiking profiles. We also love all those out there working to create a happier, healthy world and profile change-makers, lovely books and other outdoor treasures.

Created by Ms. Charlie Heck, #LadyHikers aims to bring a little more education, a bit more fun and a whole lot more pizzazz to adventure.

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work with us

We do work with brands - that’s the life of digital content creation. But we only work with those that practice proper human care and do their own part to pay it forward.

Our goals:


Lady Hikers was created to connect women to one another as they explore their love for nature. With members around the country, there’s a place for everyone to #getoutdoors!


The safety of our members is our first priority. This is why only approved members or organizations associated with a national, regional, state or local park. We’re into safe spaces for all!


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