Hiking is fun, but what makes it even better? Snacks...GF options

Making sure you’re nourishing your body while being active is a responsibility that comes with any activity, including hiking! For those who are sensitive to gluten, it’s especially important to fuel your body with snacks that will not only replenish you during your hike, but also won’t leave you worrying about the G word.

We put together a few of our fav gluten-free snacks that will do the trick:

Pork rinds

#LadyHiker tested and approved!

Southern Recipe Small Batch are gluten-free, high protein, low carb pork rinds with an oven baked option, as well as pork cracklins - all fried in sunflower oil! These on-the-go snacks are tasty and fueling. They come in a variety of flavors and some are pretty bold!

Baked goods

Nature's Bakery makes gluten-free soft-baked snacks with yummy whole grains and fruit-filled goodness. Father and Son bakers Dave & Sam Marson have one philosophy of life that drives Nature’s Bakery, “Keep things simple, have fun, and balance life with nature, activity, healthy choices & community.” Wise words to live by and yummy flavors too!


Honey Stinger Gluten-Free Waffles are a thin layer of honey infused with natural cocoa sandwiched between two thin gluten-free waffles. These delicious little things will keep your taste buds happy before, during, or after your favorite activity! Honey Stinger’s goal was to provide an alternative to the sugary bars available and their plan was simple - to use wholesome ingredients with great taste and of course, honey! Did we mention they’re also organic 🐝


#LadyHiker tested and approved!

Just The Cheese bakes 100% Wisconsin cheese in their oven to satisfy your cravings, while still eating healthy! Their bars are perfect for Keto and gluten-free diets. These low-carb, high-protein snacks taste just like your favorite cheese, but with a nice crunch!

Now, who said you can’t have tasty gluten-free treats? Enjoy these snacks and enjoy your hikes. Let us know what you think!