San Pedro Hike | San Pedro, CA

San Pedro6.jpg

Summer & Fall | 2018


All levels

Honestly, this is one of my most favorite hikes in the LA-area. You can go for a long stroll on the top tier or you can get all up in it! Challenge yourself with multiple switchbacks, staircase climbs and hills amongst miles and miles of trail systems.

There are several natural areas that overlap this main system of trails, including the Ocean Trails Reserve. The views of the Pacific Ocean are not for the faint of heart, seriously, you are at the tippy top on some of these climbs. You’ll see tons of birds and beautiful sets of cacti; plus those views, just incredible!!! 🌞🌊🌴

You really can make this trail system work for kids and dogs all the way up to hardcore Beyonce dance crew level. Do plan ahead as it can be difficult to find bathrooms. Ocean Trials does have working facilities but depending on where you enter the system, it can take some time to reach them. There is also no shade at all, so practice proper sun protection!

A little note: You’ll basically being parking in a neighborhood. You’ll walk through what feels like The Secret Garden entrance and boom, ocean! Reference the first three photos.

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