Los Liones Canyon in La La Land

Los Liones Canyon Los Angeles CA

2018 | Summer

** Ohh girl, I thought I almost died like twice! But I’m also very dramatic.

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Just about an hour (with traffic) west from downtown Los Angeles, lies Malibu, the mythical beach land paradise home to celebrities and other prosperous families who have chosen to live right by the Pacific Coast Highwa

Right before reaching this beachy town though, just a few minutes past the Santa Monica portion of the PCH and all its touristy commotion, there’s the Pacific Palisades. Make a right and you’ll find yourself at the entrance towards Los Liones Canyon. The views from the top will allow your gaze to venture over West LA without braving that traffic!

I’ve been to Los Liones a couple of times and went back in May 2018 with my best friend. It was a sunny, yet fresh-aired day, and if I remember correctly, it took us about 45 minutes to get to the top.

The trails were a little tight at times and in a couple occasions steep, but very defined so no one gets lost! The amount of flora on the way was plenty, although it never felt like it got in the way. It was clean, and definitely a little bit of an escape from the concrete jungle. The pathway felt clean, and I loved to see cactuses on the openness of the top area.

The view was well worth the sweat, and there were plenty of hikers gazing at the ocean. You can see in my pictures below the West LA skyline on the left side and Downtown LA’s main skyline a little deeper on the same side.

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