How To: the woods


So the big question! How do I handle my business when I'm in the woods? Sorry, no fancy throne  here at the moment but of course when you gotta go you gotta gooo! Urination outdoors can be a bit nerve wracking for a first timer, trust me I totally get it.

Here are some tips to make make your experience a little more easier.

Picking a good spot

  • Privacy: Because you are going to be exposed with pulling down your pants it is important to find a private and secure area to handle your business. Either a full bush 360 degree private zone or have one of your girlfriends hold a jacket up and BOOM you’re good to go.

  • Safety: Being certain of any animals, or poisonous plants is a key factor! Peeing in a poisonous plant would not be fun.  

  • 200 feet rule: When finding a location you want to be aware of your surroundings to prevent harmful obstacles. You want to be at least 200 ft away water sources and trails.

  • Be Uphill: Getting splashed on with our own urine is not on the list of to-dos so for prevention try finding somewhere with  a slight incline so the urine can run away from you.

Peeing position

  • Wide stance for the perfect squat: You want your feet shoulder width apart then get yourself into squat position.

  • Pants pulled to the knee: Having your pants too far down to you ankles or too high can put you at a higher risk of  getting your pants wet.

Peeing products for the outdoors

Women Funnel: If you are not into the whole squatting process then the women funnel - yes we said women funnel - is a great alternative. In other words...say hello to peeing standing up for women!

The women funnel can range anywhere from $7.00-$13.00 and there are various different models; shapes, sizes, disposable, non disposable, etc, check out what we’re talking about:

Urination rag: When outdoors, leaving a trace behind is a NO GO! If you’re not a shake and jiggle kinda lady, and concerned about proper disposal of TP, the pee rag will become your BFF. The pee rag is a small piece of fabric used in replacement of TP.

After use of the pee rag, rinse with a little water and just tie it to you backpack or anywhere with sun exposure and you’re all done. It goes without saying you should wash it though between adventures, right?

We hope this how-to was helpful and if you’ve got some tips or tricks we missed, drop ‘em below! Happy hiking!