Fullerton Loop, CA

2019 | SPRING

* Easy Peasy (**)


Super blooms seem to be popping everywhere this spring! And the 11 miles long Fullerton Loop is no stranger to pretty beautiful flowers...although these are more of a weed but pretty nonetheless! Yes, you read that correctly - 11 miles long and yes a weed. But don’t worry, no one expects you to complete the entire loop unless maybe if you’re mountain biking. And even then, let’s save that for the experts. The great thing about the Fullerton Loop is the numerous starting and stopping points, so you can choose your starting location and turn back whenever you please.

Tucked away in the bustling Orange County city of Fullerton, CA, this hidden gem places you in a secluded field of flowers away from the noise. You’ll be surrounded by layers and layers of yellow little flowers (technically invasive species to California ☹️) + cacti and their flowers AND beautiful foxtails blowing in the wind (I’d admire these from afar as they can annoyingly get stuck in your socks.) Aside from the beautiful plants, this trail also harbors a man-made lake that’s home to trout, geese, squirrels and many more!

The trail has a nice mixture of paved road and dirt paths which varies at different entrances. Both paths are super easy terrain along minimal hills that are free of steep inclines. This hike is a breeze and a great chance to enjoy local super blooms if you’re from the Orange County area.

With spring in full effect, you might want to consider taking allergy medicine before embarking on your hike! With all these beautiful flowers comes pollen sensitivity. Get your hands on some non-drowsy allergy medicine and you’ll be good to go!

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