How To: Day hiking essentials

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For those newbie #LadyHikers, prepping for a fun outdoor adventure can help alleviate any stressful surprises. And let’s be real real...if something does happen, we’ll use it as any excuse to sit our asses back down on the sofa.

There are a few things you can always bet on: you need to protect your skin, hydrate and nourish your body and plan for the unexpected. 7 hiking essentials for easy day exploration!

Thanks for taking this 📸Mom!! Our Rio Bosque Wetlands Park adventure🌵

Thanks for taking this 📸Mom!! Our Rio Bosque Wetlands Park adventure🌵

REI Co-op Special Edition Flash 18 Pack

$23.93 - 39.95


This is THE backpack for beginners. It’s very lightweight, no bells and whistles and is light and breathable. The price tag is mighty fine too!



Water bottle

I will almost always purchase a cute reusable bottle. I’m a sucker for a cute print, cool new eco-feature, you name it! We put a whole list together of some of our favorite faves. But this Biome lady right here, she’s my go-to. I really love cold water and I pop this into the fridge the night before and it’s still cold at the end of my day long hike.

Coastal Pines Baseball Hat


Hats, visors and baseball caps

We’re not getting any younger, ladies; thank the universe for that! Proper skin protection should be a top priority, skin cancer is the most common cancer after all. I actually got my first age spot last year, thanks a lot reckless Texas youth! I love to love companies that love and here’s a prime example. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. A few more fair-trade, eco-friendly hiking hats here.

Bondi Band


Moisture-wicking towel

This is one of those ‘plan for the unexpected’ things. Say you happen upon a magical watering hole or make it to the top of the highest peak and want to take a sun nap? OR you get caught in a quick summer downpour, a towel, like this handy-dandy Bondi Band can keep your hiking adventure from getting drenched.

Jason Mineral Sunscreen



We’ve already talked about the importance of proper skincare but don’t forget to check just what’s in what you’re putting on. One of my personal faves, this one helps keep my combination skin zit-free. More tips for picking the perfect sunscreen here.

Natural Bug Blend™ Bug Repellent Spray

$5 - 15.19

Bug repellents and DIY ideas

Hiking combines two incredible things — the great outdoors and physical activity. However, your hiking adventure can go from nature-filled fun to miserable outing if you’re bothered by bugs. To keep your next hiking adventure fun in the sun, grab this natural repellent from Natural Bug Blend or try these DIY recipes.

For more tips and tricks, head here: Shoo...please: How to keep bugs away while hiking.

Snacks for hiking


Here’s another example of a planning thing: take enough food, I mean it! If you are on a diet, you do you boo; but not when you are hiking. You need sodium and natural sugars and carbohydrates. That doesn’t mean go nuts out there but plan on consuming at least two meal-sets of your daily caloric intake. 14 Of The Best Snacks To Pack For A Day Hike and make sure to use these Smelly Proof bags to prevent unwanted critters from accessing your snack pack!

Obviously, there are a ton of other accessories you should consider, like a first aid kit or a compass, plus proper hiking shoes, etc but these goodies should be the top priorities on your new to #LadyHikers checklist! Put these items to good use with one of these rad spots below!