Bear Gulch Cave Trail in Pinnacles National Park, CA

2019 | SPRING

* Easy Peasy


This was my very first hiking experience in a National Park. What a lovely day! Pinnacles National Park a very remote Park. I lost cell service about 20 miles before arriving in the park, so plan ahead for the best experience.

This park is truly about hiking. I only had two hours to explore this peaky palace and opted for the beginner to moderate fave the Bear Gulch Cave Trail.

Pinnacles is famous for the Talus Caves. These caves were formed when steep, narrow canyons filled with a jumbled mass of boulders from the cliffs above. The canyons are the result of faults and fractures in the central area of volcanic rock.

And during certain seasons, bat seekers can rejoice in all their glory! The Bear Gulch Cave provides a home to a colony of Townsend's big-eared bats as they rest there in winter and raise their young in the late spring and summer. Listed as a “sensitive species,’ these bats need protecting. The colony in the Bear Gulch Cave is the largest maternity colony between San Francisco and Mexico. It can close without much notice due to inclement weather or certain bat behaviors, check the status here.

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